The Truth about Male Inequality

Boys and men are increasingly at a disadvantage in education and in the job market.

As author Richard Reeves is at pains to point out in this brief video, this is not an issue of men vs. women in any sort of misogynistic way, but the very real fallout from the necessary rebalancing of gender inequality that has played out over the last few decades.

Richard Reeves on Big Think
Richard Reeves (right) on Big Think

Reeves also addresses what he calls the “dad deficit”, the increasing absence of fathers from their children’s lives, particularly post-divorce, the disastrous effects that is having on child development, and the intergenerational disadvantages that become passed down the male line. He looks at the facts and figures that lead to questions as pointed as “what are fathers for?”

Big Think video: ‘Male inequality, explained by an expert’ (15 minutes)

For a deeper dive into Reeves’ work, where he talks about such topics as the origin of ‘toxic masculinity’ and men’s rights vs. women’s rights, here is a longer video of an interview he did with the Modern Wisdom podcast, ‘Does Anyone Care About Men’s Struggles?‘ (74 minutes)

Richard Reeves on the Modern Wisdom podcast
Richard Reeves (right) on the Modern Wisdom podcast

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