• Do you want to do a better job of raising your kids than your father was able to do with you?
  • Are there times when you think you’re letting your kids down, when you’re unsure of the right thing to do?
  • Have you read the self-help books and the parenting guides, but find that you’re still struggling with the fact that you just didn’t have a good role model?

Welcome to Father Lessons, where I will be asking people to share their wisdom, life lessons and insights about fatherhood, allowing you to assemble the toolkit that your father should have given you.

I’ve done my best as the father of three kids and I’m proud of having done a lot of things right. But I’ve got a lot of things wrong, too. And I’ve rarely felt able to fall back on “What would my Dad have done?” In recent years, my relationship with my father has improved, and yet the little invisible barriers caused by past events and traumas – both his and mine – still stand in the way of true connection, healing and progress.

So, over the next year, I will go on a journey to learn more about fatherhood and hopefully further improve my relationship with my own father. Along the way, I will share practical lessons that have worked for others and stories that we can all learn from.


  • Two Years, Too Long
    Wow, it’s been almost two years since I last updated this blog. You may have assumed it was dead in the water. They’ve been two very interesting, challenging, rewarding years that have seen me develop and grow in ways that I hope will help me make Father Lessons a more mature and focused project. During …
  • Manstock 2020
    Anyone up to date on this blog will know that I belong to a regular men’s group. We usually meet up once every other week in north London, but since the lockdown started we’ve been meeting up on Zoom on a varying schedule. The group is actually one of three run by the same therapist, Jerry Hyde, and once a year all three groups gather for what is lovingly called “Manstock”.
  • Father Lessons Back on Zoom
    Would you like to join a group discussion about Fatherhood? Following up last week’s first online meetup, I’m hosting another Zoom gathering this Friday, April 10. Again, it’s scheduled for 2pm UK time (6am on the US west coast, 10pm in Japan). Not ideal for everyone, I know, but let’s see how it goes.