Father Lessons Workshop

  • Are you tired of always doubting yourself as a Father?
  • Were you not lucky enough to have a good Role Model growing up?
  • Do you think you can do better for your kids?

Well, you’re reading this, so you’re already on your way to becoming a better Father!

Join me and XXXX – a successful author and “the world’s most dangerous therapist!” – for a series of unique workshops that tackle the doubts and fears of fatherhood head-on.

With the help of Father Lessons, you will learn the age-old “secrets” that fathers have traditionally passed down from generation to generation – not so secret, perhaps, but somehow increasingly forgotten in the modern world.

  • Explore how to examine and talk about your relationships
  • Share in the wisdom of “fatherhood elders”
  • Make “rituals” part of your parenting
  • Understand why we “become our fathers”
  • Learn why fathers are so important to children
  • Become a more well-rounded man, husband, and father

Places in this series of unique workshops are limited and are sure to fill quickly. Get in touch now for more details.